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Choosing the right orthodontist for your child can be a challenging decision. At Pediatric Dental Healthcare, our Pediatric dentists and staff of hygienists are trained by our orthodontist to detect any dental problems that may require orthodontic treatment. Your child’s dental progress and need for orthodontic intervention is evaluated at EVERY cleaning. This allows us to optimize the timing of your child’s orthodontic care to achieve the greatest results with the least amount of time.

When your child is ready for braces our orthodontist will evaluate your child’s needs and inform you of the appropriate treatment. Our orthodontic department is located in the same building, and your child is treated in the same caring and comfortable surroundings they are already accustomed to.

Dr. Nogueira incorporates the most advanced techniques and latest technology to give your child a beautiful smile in the shortest time possible. We do NOT do two phase treatment (place braces early, remove them, and then place them again at a later date) because it has not been proven to get better results than properly timed single phase treatment, it typically costs you more, and it results in longer treatment times. Most of our patients complete orthodontic treatment within 8-18 months.

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